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Dear Mrs.Towler, I would like to make a complaint about one rule, slow dancing. We are sixth graders and, we are old enough to no the consequences of slow dancing, like bad behavior. I am going to give you a couple of reason why, me and the students of MVIS would like slow dancing back.

First, more students showed up and student council made more money. By that I mean they sold more drinks and they sold more food.

Next year we are going to be in seventh grade and some of us even teenagers. I know that a lot of girls didn't get asked to dance, well they call dances, dances because you are suppose to dance, so if a boy does not ask you to dance don't fret because they are scared. Sometimes I thought it was fun to see who asked someone.

The last reason you should let us have slow dancing back is no one ever fast danced and we had to skate the whole time, we also had better music.

Just keep in mind that next year we are going to be seventh graders and some teenagers. I would really appreciate if you did let this rule have a chance.

Thank you,

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