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When Harry met Sally: Do opposites really attract? When Harry met Sally is one of the greatest romantic comedies I've viewed. Harry and Sally are perfect examples of two people searching for a companion. In the beginning Harry and Sally appeared to be total opposites but in the end Sally and Harry both longed for true love, friendship and security.

Harry and Sally were clearly two opposite people. Harry was a pretty blunt guy and acted impulsively on how he thought or felt. He was rather peculiar and he had his own theories about men and women. While on the other hand Sally was very conservative and viewed Harry's behavior as obnoxious.

Once again fate brought Harry and Sally together again and they became intimate friends. Sally and Harry equally enjoyed and cherished each others friendship. Harry and Sally had a good friendship mainly because they became comfortable with each other enough to express self-disclosure and also receive feedback.

Through this way of communication Sally and Harry both learned aspects and perspectives of the opposite sex. Sally and Harry advanced to the level to where each was able to share ideas and opinions on why certain relationships or sex flings weren't progressing. Due to this Harry and Sally were able to maintain a mutual balance of sharing information and receiving a response. Which is what build the level of communication in there relationship. Another thing that made Sally and Harry's friendship great was each other found security within each other. Both knew that they could depend on each other, Sally and Harry both knew the other would attentively listen to problems or dilemmas, and each were positive that they cared greatly for one another. A perfect example of Harry's security was him speaking to Sally every night, even...

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