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Content Page Page number 1. Disc Drives 1.1. What are Hard Disk Drives? 1 1.2. Types of Hard Disk Drives 1,2 2. Industry Snapshots 2.1. General Information on Industry 2 2.2. Brief Timeline of the Hard Disk Drive industry 2 2.3. Challenges of the industry 3 3. Seagate and the Competition 3.1. Seagate Technology 3,4 3.2. Other Players in the Hard Disk Drive industry 4,5 3.2.1. Maxtor 3.2.2. IBM 3.2.3. Fujitsu 4. Trends in Market Demand for Hard Disk Drives 4.1. Need for More Capacity 5 4.2. Demand for Convenience 5 5. Challenges to the magnetic Hard Disk Drive 5.1 Limitation of Hard Disk Drives: Super paramagnetic effect 5,6 5.1.1. Possible solutions to delay the SPE in magnetic HDD 5.2. Threats from other Technologies 6,7 5.3. The Low Profit Trap 7 6. Ideas for Non-PC Applications 6.1. Storage for Security Applications 8 6.1.1. Why are Hard Disk Drives superior to using tape media? 6.2.

C-ge-oke 8,9 6.2.1. How does it look like and what other functions are there? 6.2.2. Who is the target market? 6.3. S.G Fone 9,10 6.3.1. How does it work? 6.3.2. What other functions are there? 6.3.3. Who is the target market? This paper is a combined effort of our team to provide an insight into the Disk Drive industry and also to bring you new ideas on non-PC applications for hard disk drives (HDD). The first five sections of the paper briefly describe our understanding of the industry, as well as some vital factors in the HDD industry that we feel are important to the success of Seagate and following that, we are very excited to present our best three ideas for the new applications of HDD.

1. Disk Drives 1.1 What are HDD? (Source: Scientific America) Disk drives write and read information that computer uses...

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