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Information is quite a vital element in most businesses, governments and even households and as we can see people really go to the extremes just to get information and use them to their advantage or maybe mere satisfaction of their curious minds. As we all know the most vital information in the wrong hands could spell disaster and even be a cause of war among nations. Hacking as we know it has already existed in the 60's so this is proof that even the most primitive computers, which we see now as useless was not spared from this art. Information should be free to all that is why people invented the World Wide Web more popularly known as the Internet. Information could be a vital key to a company or even a countries success or downfall. It is amazing that even today's youngsters can gather enough information by just logging on and hacking the computers of big companies and countries.

We all know that information is important there are some information that should remain secret, because of the simple reason that it is better this way to better serve them or give them security. There is only one dilemma here it seems that hacking when done by individuals constitute a crime but in the cases of government agencies who engage in the same acts to provide better security and gain more information it is deemed to be routine and even lawful. Unfortunately that is how the system works, laws are enacted to basically prevent mere talented individuals to hack but enable this art to be utilized only by governments for the sole purpose of intelligence gathering and counter attacks. As we all know that nothing is really safe from the hackers of the world not even the government who boast of the most sophisticated computers. As I have read, hacking has evolved through out the years and it seems that although tighter measures are done the hackers seem to be more talented. With today's sophisticated password systems hackers still manage to hack into computers and use this information either to steal, manipulate systems or even worst wreak havoc. So if we all know that even governments are not spared and safe what security do we have and how sure are we that the people in the government agencies don't commit crimes, because to them hacking is institutionalized. We could not really be sure we might even be monitored everywhere we go, and who knows we could be accessories to crime because hackers used our identities to do their dirty work. We have no guarantees but as we all know as technology progresses and the world becomes smaller and smaller there are always people who want to get the advantage over others, and they will stop at nothing to get this advantage and even if it means breaking laws. Information is very vital to anyone from a mere individual to the biggest companies and countries. I guess it is in human nature that allows us to do these things; we always want to know our search for truth never ends. Secrets are always waiting to be unfolded; people always want to know what the other knows. We thought that information could never be stolen because it is not material but guess again with today's technology I think almost everything is possible.

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