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Guys and Dolls Review While watching the production of Guys and Dolls, I paid close attention to the technical aspects of it. I noticed that many parts of it were done very well and professional, but others needed some improvement to. Although I did not like all aspects of it, there are many things that I realize were chosen for a reason. While watching the production, there were times when I thought about what was happening and began to think about what I would do differently. I also realized that the technical work is such a big and important art to make a play come alive and reach the audience.

I believe that this production did a wonderful job with costumes and makeup. Every costume was perfect for its purpose. They all showed very obviously to the audience what the time period was. But what I find to be most important is that every costume went perfect with each character and their personality.

It gave the audience an instant and perfect mold of the character's personality. For example, Adelaide's costumes told the audience right away that she was much more loose and outgoing than Sarah Brown. I was able to tell this just by looking at them. The props in the production were also very well done. I say this because I actually do not remember a certain prop that stayed in my mind. To me, that says that they blended well with the scene and the set. This is very important because striking props can distract you from the actual performance. One prop that I did find to be very good and useful was the street light during the street scenes. Through this one prop I was able to get the whole feeling and mood of the scene.

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