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Gun Control Gun control has been hotly issuing for a long time in the U.S. People are debating about if it should be legalized or not because private gun ownership has brought about many side effects, such as accidents involving death or injury. Now, about 40% of the Americans possess guns at home for self-defense. That is, in fact, gun ownership is legitimated in the U.S., but people are debating about its effectiveness between advantages and disadvantages.

The main reason why people want to have a gun is merely for self-defense. In addition, having guns has become a sort of the group mind that means people want to have it because others have guns for their safety. When a burglar intrudes into a house if homeowner has a gun, he/she can defense and is not able to be damaged by the burglar. In fact, it is turned out to be true.

According to an inmate, when he robbed, he was afraid of being shot by a gun. Thus, he preferred to rob an empty house or do it daytime rather than nighttime. The reason is that even if there are people with guns inside of the house, the possibility of seriously being shot is a few, if they can see him more obviously, they may not shot vital parts of body, such as head or chest. In other words, the fact that people having a gun can be a good way to protect from robbers.

According to Klerk who is the author of Targeting Guns, crime with legally owned machine guns has been occurred only one time since 1934, whereas four police officers and 713 law enforcement officers were killed from 1983 to 1992 with illegally owned machine guns. This tells us that crimes involving guns are not committed by...

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