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MGMT 6100- ADVANCED ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES THOUGHT PAPER SHOULD CONCEALED FIREARM PERMITS BE ISSUED IN UTAH? Prepared by: Gavin Heaton September 18, 2001 The controversial issue of concealed firearm permits has lingered over Utah and America for many years. Is it actually necessary for people to be carrying loaded guns in today's society? It sounds a lot like the days of Dodge City or Tombstone. Looking at it from the other side of the spectrum, do concealed firearm permit holders have a right or freedom to carry such a gun or permit? Hopefully by the end of this thought paper it will open the eyes to two different point of views on this very hot and controversial topic.

For many citizens of America there has come a point in there lives in which they have become dissatisfied with the violence in American society. For many, this issue is traced back to easy access of firearms in our nation and abundant supply of such weapons from legal and illegal markets.

This has stirred up a recent wave of class-action lawsuits against the firearms industry, many which are based on the industry's failure to monitor the transmission of their product to the underground markets. These class-action lawsuits seek to alter the marketing, distribution, and sales of firearms.

There is also the argument that there is no way to measure the costs of gun crime in our society. There are estimates that put the price at $75 billion for one year of pain, suffering, and loss of quality of life caused by gun violence, but there is no way to determine the undeterminable human cost of gun-related crime. There is a defense of many citizens that the cities spend millions of dollars each year on these costs and others associated with gun related emergencies.

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