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The story starts off on a ship. The ship wrecked and there was only one survivor Gulliver. He washed up on an island with little people and he was like a giant to them. These people were so small they could stand in the palm of your hand. They were called the Smallanders and thought he was a weapon from the Biglanders, their sworn enemy. He asked them why the Biglanders were their sworn enemy and they did not know. He told them that he was not one of the Biglanders and they did not believe him. One night the palace of the Smallanders caught on fire and they could not put it out so he climbed up on the palace. The fire to him was smaller than a campfire. He had to use the restroom anyway so he went on the fire but what he did not know is that the princess was in the castle.

Yes he saved her life but he truly embarrassed her for the rest of it. So they were going to execute him for embarrassing the princess. He ran away and one of the Smallanders helped him hide when the rest were looking for him. So Gulliver built himself a raft and put some food and drinks onboard. All Gulliver wanted to do is to get back to his home which was England. Hoping his raft would float him there but instead he landed on an island with giants. Now he is the one who could fit in the palm of a hand. This big giant found him and picked him up. He took him to his daughter that wanted to keep him. One day a lady that was friends with the queen bought Gulliver for a wealthy price. The only thing she had to do to have Gulliver is to take the giants daughter with her so she could be with Gulliver. So the lady agreed. When Gulliver got to the queen she wanted to know everything about his country. He told her and she thought it was a very crude and evil country. So she told the girl to take him to the ocean. The girl stuck him in this box that had a bed in it and took him to the ocean like she was told. There they sat and talked for a while. Then all of a sudden a bird flew over him and took him and the box. Awhile later he felt himself falling and falling then wham he hit the water. He drifted for a while until he saw the weirdest thing; a floating island. They picked him up the good thing is they were the same size he was and they were human. He found out later the whole island could fly by using a huge magnet to keep it a float and move it at the same time. The ruler of the islands wife lived in this big mansion on the ground and he and she were fighting like always. They flew over her mansion and the king started dropping big stones on it, which was like bombs at the time. So she built this huge tower that reversed the polarity of the magnet in the flying island and the island came falling down. Gulliver turned the magnet backwards but while doing that he fell out of the island and into her mansion. He left that place and ended up on the island of houyhnhnms. These were like horses. Yahoos also lived on the island. These cavemen like people. They were dirty smelly savage people. The houyhnhnms were like us. The horses polite and educated could speak English. The houyhnhnms hated the yahoos and they thought Gulliver was one of them. Gulliver left there on a small boat he made and an English ship picked him up. When he got back to England he went home. His house was in this doctor's name. Gulliver himself was a doctor or had been nine years ago when he left. When he left all he had was a wife and when he got back he had a son and a wife because she was pregnant when he left. So he told his son, his wife and the doctor what happened to him. The doctor thought he was crazy and sent him to a mental institution where he would not let his wife or son see him. Then one day his son found a sheep in his dad's bag that was so tiny he could pick it up with two fingers. When it was time to evaluate Gulliver to see if he could leave the hospital they asked him to say he did not go to those places and he could leave. He said he did go to those places. They were just going to put him back in the hospital when his son came and showed everyone the sheep. They let him go and they all lived happily ever after.

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