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Terri Harrison Psychology March 6, 2001 Growing Inside Myself The book "Why Am I Afraid To Tell You The Way I am", by John Powell was written for personal growth in oneself. The openness of yourself and with others helps you to grow closer to others. We have to learn how to communicate with others, inter self-relationship, and how to deal with our emotions to be happy in life.

Out word communication refers to a process by which someone or something is made common, or shared (p. 7). Somewhere inside us lives the real self. There are times when we let our real self be seen by others. Then there are times when we hide it away from the world. The things that define a person are thinking, judging, feeling, values, honor, esteem, and love hate fear, desire, and hope, believing, and committed to. These things will change and are never the same day by day.

There are transactional analysis or analysis of a social transaction when two people meet in a given situation. In each transaction, there lies an ego within us. Such as these categories: Parent (the message from infancy to child hood), Adult (the real me), and the child (emotional responses from my life). The book states that we are programmed into the "Ego State". I believe this. I believe that our inner self and egos come from how we were raised and how we are taught as a child. We are taught to make decisions by our emotions. Sometimes the child within us is stronger than the adult inside us. We were not taught to be honest with our selves. If we cannot be honest and love ourselves, the how can we communicate with others that are around us? People can see our emotional state by...

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