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The American Dream What is the American Dream, so talked about since the time when our ancestors immigrated to America. Promises of opportunity, wealth and success. Promises of getting rich and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Of being able to rise up in society as opposed to staying in the class you were born. But there is a dark side to the American promise. The side of corruption, broken dreams and success gained at the cost of dehumanization. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a story told through the eyes of narrator Nick Carraway. This story shows us a society that seems pure and idealistic, but this only covers the true qualities that it is made up of. Greed, materialism, corruption are all qualities of the rich.

"In support of this message, Fitzgerald highlights the original aspects as well as the new aspects of the American dream in this tragic story to illustrate that a once impervious dream is now lost forever to the American people."

(Boo) The main theme of the American Dream highlighted in the Great Gatsby is success against all odds. Even though the odds are against Jay Gatsby, he continues to fight, improve himself, and succeed. Whether it is at success financially or success at love, Gatsby never gives up. "His burning desire to win daisy's love symbolizes the basis of the old dream: an ethereal goal and a never-ending search for the opportunity to reach that goal." (Boo) Money, another aspect of the American Dream, is also highlighted in this novel. "Money is clearly identified as the central proponent of the dream's destruction; it becomes easily entangled with hope and success, inevitably replacing their places in the American Dream with materialism." (Boo) We can see this in Gatsby's illegal actions...

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