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"THE POOR SON OF A BITCH" The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays the period known in American history as Prohibition (1919-1933) by focusing on three circles of people and how their worlds collide. The novel, narrated by Nick Carraway, gets its namesake from Jay Gatby, an affluent man known throughout the New York area aristocracy for his lavish parties. Gatsby and Nick enjoy a brief friendship before Gatsby is murdered after a string of misunderstandings. Only three people attend his burial, Owl-eyes, Nick, and Gatsby's father. Owl-eyes says of Gatsby, "The poor son of a bitch." His comment, though inappropriate for a funeral, is correct. Gatsby was a "poor son of a bitch" because he used people, had no regard for anyone, and was involved in illegal activities such as bootlegging.

Jay Gatsby used people, especially Nick, throughout the novel with no regard for their feelings because he was a thoughtless man, who was only after one thing, Daisy's love, and would do anything or use anyone to get it.

Gatsby tries to befriend Nick because he finds out, presumably from Jordan Baker, that Nick knows and is friendly with Daisy. Gatsby's only reason for becoming friends with Nick is so that Nick would somehow (by inviting Daisy over for tea) arrange a meeting between Gatsby and Daisy. Another instance in which Gatsby's complete and utter disregard for feelings is exhibited is in the scene at the Plaza Hotel when Gatsby and Tom Buchanan have a confrontation. Gatsby puts Daisy in a very difficult position by forcing her to choose between her husband, Tom, and her old flame, Gatsby. He even tells Tom that, "[Daisy] never loved you. She loves me." (pg. 137) His remarks may have been correct, but like Owl-eyes' remark, it was very...

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