The Great Country

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The Great Country By Shawn Lee The country of America is very unique and special. This is the land of opportunity for people that are willing to work hard to succeed. Other countries and people are jealous because we are a free and democratic country. Many are jealous of our economic abilities. Some peoples and countries are just Anti-American that hate us because of our beliefs or our friends.

America to me is something that is very special. It is the place that proudly call home and I wouldn't want to leave. Many Americans take their freedom for granted, and I sometimes fall into that category. This is a country that many have died for and will die for in the name of freedom. When we won our independence, we showed the world that we will not be taken over no matter what the cost. The Civil War also showed how we can be divided but brought back together again.

America's new war against terrorism will show the world that we are not afraid, not divided, and we will prevail.

This land is more than just another real estate lot waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. It is a place where so many people from around the world come to escape tyrrany and starvation. Where they can have economic prosperity and where they can start a new life without being worried about what religion they are or what race they might be. They are looked upon as equals and fellow Americans. I admit this is not a perfect country, but it is the best one in the world and that's why I am proud to be an American.

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