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On Government Government exists when there are subjects to govern, that is people. At the same time people can very easily exist without the government. The question is what makes people to agree to give the power to a certain one person or a group of individuals to establish and control ways of how these people should live. Analyzing and comparing the "state of the man"� before and after the government, inevitably leads us to understanding the reasoning behind the formation of the government. The only problem here is that there aren't certain rules or logical conclusions to look at, but instead throughout the history a great deal of philosophers, political scientists, historians and other educated people expressed their ideas which influenced or shaped the process of establishing a people-friendly government. Among these people were Thomas Hobbes, Jan-Jacque Rousseau and John Locke.

Before I start discussing anything, it is important to define a few terms that I will be mentioning throughout this "essay"� "" "Nature of Man"� and "State of Nature"�.

Nature of man, as I see it, is a state of a person that he or she is naturally in without any influence of other force or person. Basically, it's how we would act if from the time we were born we were allowed to do anything we wanted without anybody or anything regulating our behavior. Would we be nice to each other or on the contrary constantly fighting, would we want to be separate and live alone or unite and live as a community, etc. Then, keeping in mind the concept of the "nature of man"�, we could see what kind of environment would these "man of nature"� create, and that would be the "state of nature"� "" the condition people are before the creation of civilization and...

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