A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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"A Good Man Is Hard To Find"� by Flannery O'Connor was quite strange, but yet interesting. At first, the story began slowly with many details, and suddenly the story changed completely. The setting of the story shows how much tragedy can change a person. The Grandmother is pretty much the central character in the story. She thinks of herself as a very upright lady, yet she is a racist and snotty woman who changes completely during the last minutes of her life. Her attitude changes completely when the family's car flips over on the way to the house with the six white columns.

I believe the theme of this story is it's title, "A Good Man is Hard to Find."� Grandmother never found a good man, it was said that Christ was the only good man.

The story is a good example of a family going on a trip.

I personally liked it because it kind of told my trips that I had to take with my family, in a jam packed car for three or four hours. Although, my trips never ended like this one, thank God. I liked the way the writer explains each and every detail, but at the same time she doesn't go into that much detail either. She tries to limit her explanation of the situation, which helped me stay focused on the story, and not to get lost in small details.

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