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The "Good Life" Analysis My analysis of the good life would be comedy, or something funny happening, beer, or a solid combination of both. I selected nine different ads that portray my analysis of the good life, comedies like Seinfeld or the Simpson's, beer like Bud Light or Corona, or a great selection of both like the classic television show cheers.

The Bud Light ad is a classic 80's ad who could forget when Anheuser Busch, the worlds largest brewing company introduced America to the cute little dog Spuds Mackenzie. A dog who could do anything as long as he had his Bud Light with him.

And with that Bud Light Spuds had all the women on the beach chasing him. I think Anheuser Busch was hoping that when people saw this ad that they would go down to the beach, with their Hawaii Five O shirts and their Bud Light and expect all the pretty girls to chase them just like spuds.

The Bud Light ad with Kathy Ireland on it appeared in the early 90's and I think they are trying to appeal Bud Light to an older more mature crowd then when they were using the cute little dog Spuds in their ad. This ad is pretty simple they are basically trying to say that if you drink Bud Light that you will score with a babe like Kathy Ireland, however that not always the case.

The Simpson's ad well that is an ad for in the world of the Simpson's, like Homer would be selling Duff beer if there was such a thing. It relates Homer and Duff beer to Snow White and the seven dwarfs. I think it means if you drink Duff it's like being in a fairy tale. On the other side...

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