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Midas,Pandora, and Pygmalion Midas was a king that loved gold. He loved it so much that whenever someone else had it he would get angry, thinking that whoever had it didn't know how to treat it or take care of it like he did, kind of like being jealous of a guy and his girl. Anyways, one day he insulted Apollo, because he was te one that drove the golden chariot across the sky. Apollo heard him and instead of giving him a punishment, he gave Midas a wish. In Midas's eyes it was a wish, but Apollo had to teach Midas a lesson. Of course Midas wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. Apollo granted the wish, and everything that Midas would touch, turned into gold. Flowers, bees, plates, glasses, he even turned his daughter into gold, on accident. Then Midas was trying to eat, but whenever he touched the food with his lips, it would turn to gold.

So Midas thought, what is gold if I cannot eat? So Finally he asked Apollo to take the wish back, admiting that he was selfish, and mad. Apollo reversed the spell but he gave Midas donkey ears for the actual punishment. Everything turned back to normal He was a very Handsome young man, who lived very happily all by himself, in a palace carving statues. The story didn't mention anything about his parents. The women of Cyprus didn't like the fact that he wasn't married at all, so they decided to call upon Aphrodite and make him marry one of their maidens. She agreed to go through with it, when she got to Pygmalion, she told him that she had been asked to marry him off and if he had any preferences. He answered yes, and told...

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