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Pygmalion was about 2 gentlemen trying to turn a poor flower into a beautiful young lady. The main characters are Dr. Higgins and Elzia Dolittle. Elzia is the poor flower Dr. Higgins takes into his home to train her how to be a young lady. He provided his house for her to stay with and everything else like food, clothing. She really didn't like the fact that he was going to show her how to be a lady, but she took the offer. Dr. Higgis even provided her his maid to give her what she needed to make her stay more comfortable.

Dr. Higgins took her to places like to the dancing balls so she can see how other ladies are supposed to act and behave. She been to bloosom into a lady in every way. Mr. Dollittle came by Dr. Higgins House to thank him for caring for his daughter Elzia.

Dr. Higgins called Elzia downstair so her father can see how well they had trained in being a lady. Mr. Dilittle was surprised when he seen his daughter. She was so beautiful and well dressed all the way down to her feet. Elzia went back upstair to what ever she was doing.

Mr. Dolittle asked for money since he was poor and out of work. As they talk about money he asked for a large amount of money since his daughter was well taken care of. He said to the 2 gentlmen that he let Elzia go into training because he knew she would have a better life then being poor. Dr. Higgins decided to give Mr. Dolittle some money so he can get himself together only if he didn't come around asking for more money. They agreed and Mr. Dolittle went on his way and never...

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