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Gandhi Essay A Famous quote Gandhi remarked was, "I am Muslim, and a Hindu, and a Christian, and a Jew." Gandhi was a profound leader who fought for peace between Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Jews. When he states that he is a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and a Jew; he explains that no matter what religion is in your background you are equal and have as much rights as the others. A man with enough courage to take beatings, hunger strikes, and to be able to watch his followers take brutal beatings is truly a hero.

Gandhi showed everyone that you need to stand up for what is right in life no matter what the cost could be. People believed that Gandhi was successful at what he tried to do. Others believe otherwise, Gandhi was successful to free India form the British Rule.

However, by doing this it separated the Muslims from the Hindus causing India to be a country with its religions separated.

This caused a brutal and violent battle between the two. Gandhi then went on many hunger strikes attempting to stop the madness.

Peace between the people of a country is very important. Gandhi set out to make sure that everyone was created equal and that all religions should be respected equally.

Without Gandhi India may still have been under British Rule today. Gandhi a wise man who brought India its freedom and taught many that everyone should be treated equal and not be treated by background.

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