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A girls Guide to Hunting and fishing 9-25-01 So far I really like this book a lot, it is very interesting. I like the way that the story is told from a girl's perspective; the author really captures this voice. When reading the story I felt almost as if I was friends with the narrator and she was telling me a story; I found myself saying things like "that is so true" and feeling exactly the same way as the narrator. She makes comments and observations that I would. I found myself laughing out loud at her sarcasm. "I told my theory to my friend Linda"¦ I'd concluded that breasts were to sex as pillows were to sleep. "˜Guys may think they want a pillow, but they'll sleep just as well without one." By using this writing style she almost develops a bond with the reader. She did such a good job.

"My mother eyed me: Do not smirk." The way that she talks to her family and decodes what their body language is amusing. This attention to detail makes the reader feel like they are really in the story.

In the book it is almost like she refers to parents as if they were a separate species.

9-28-01 I like the way that the narrator, Jane is so straight foreword with her family. She expresses her ideas with humorous remarks. However she ironically is not so skillful at explaining her feelings. The narrator is able to make funny and ironic remarks about situations that are normally not funny. However she never really figures out what she wants to do and who she is. In addition to being able to hear these remarks she makes to her family and friends, the author gives the reader the ability to hear what the narrator is thinking so we know how confused she feels inside.

9-30-01 Although the organization is somewhat confusing at first, I think that adds to the overall idea of confusion the narrator is experiencing and expressing in the book. Since the different vignettes are not in chronological order, it makes it hard to know when in Jane's life these events are happening and how they came to happen. However I like the way the book flows as a story and not as a text, unlike Conrad's The Heart of Darkness, Bank's book talks about real life in a readable manor that is interesting.

10-1-01 I think that the only fault I can find with this book was the ending. Because of the way the book was organized, there really wasn't and ending. The end of was a time in Jane's middle aged life, but there was a section earlier in the book in which Jane was older. So it wasn't really a true ending. Another problem that I see is that the ending that does exist does not seem like the rest of the book, it seems too happy and almost unrealistic because of the way the rest of the book is. I like happy endings, however this one just seems a little bit different than the rest of the book. I am saying this like I could make a better one, but really the book is great all the way around, this was just the slightest bit of criticism I could come up with on the book.

10-7-01 This book can basically be described as a humorous readable real life story of a girl coming of age. I think one of the major issues of the story can be expressed by a poem that is in the book: Overslept.

So tired.

If late, Get fired.

Why bother? Why the pain? Just go home.

Do it again.

This is one of the problems which Jane tries to cope with and figure out throughout the story.

THE QUOTES BEFORE EACH VINGETT FATHER'S DEATH OLDER MAN CHILDREN VINGETT JAMIE BREAST CANCER She takes life and puts it into English. The book was readable and funny.

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