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dHow Genuine was the support within Germany for Hitler and the Nazi Regime? Although Hitler did receive an overwhelming amount of support, which explains his success in becoming chancellor in 1933 he also faced opposition from a whole range of groups and individuals. However several factors have to be taken into consideration to find out the extent to which the German population genuinely supported Hitler and the Nazi Regime. This involves the impact the Gestapo had on people's lives and actions, the effectiveness of propaganda, whether it manipulated ordinary Germans into changing their true opinions to fit in with Nazi ideas. And the impact Nazi control on press radio and films had on transforming peoples own beliefs in Germany.

There are many reasons why Germans would have genuinely supported the Nazis and many would have actually benefited from Nazi rule. Hitler and the Nazis rescued millions of Germans from Economic disaster and political chaos.

Industrial workers received regular work, stable rents and had the opportunity to go on cultural visits and use sports facilities. Farmers also benefited as there debts were written of, they also received an increase in prices for the agricultural production between 1933 and 1936. Big business owners probably benefited the most as there salaries rose rapidly. The value of German industry steadily increased and the value of companies was starting to increase. However one group that didn't benefit from Nazi rule was the Mittelstand as they found it hard to gain profits. Therefore the majority of workers were thankful to Hitler for getting them back to full employment.

A group, which did not support the Nazis, were the churches, they were a big organisation to which lots of people belonged to. Hitler made a "˜concordat' with the pope in 1933 not to interfere in...

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