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Geoffrey ChaucerGeoffrey Chaucer was a man known for his writing. He has descended from two generations of wealthy vinters. He had many titles in his lifetime and also had many activities to go with them. Chaucer's death left everyone terribly devastated.

Chaucer was born in 1342; his exact date of birth is unsure. He was born into the middle class. His parents, John Chaucer and Agnes Copton, owned many buildings in London (Robinson 1). His parents basically had everything but a title, a thing that no amount of money could buy.

At seven years age Chaucer started school. There is not much known about Chaucer's school career; however it was obvious that he was a well educated man. He could fluently speak many different languages, English, French, Italian, and Latin. Members of his household were fluent in English and French (Malcolmson 12). After school Chaucer worked as a page in the home of the Countess of Ulster.

In 1367 he a squire working in the house closely related to Edward III. Then he became a knight for Kent. Since he was a member of the king's household, he was sent on many errands throughout Europe. He gained a lot of knowledge from the errands and activities he engaged in, and that made it possible for him to write The Canterbury Tales (Robinson 1).

Chaucer's documents tell us very little about himself as a person; other documents do not say too much either. However every reader feels as if they come to know Chaucer as a person once they have read his work. By the 1380's Chaucer had earned much admiration for his work (The Life 1-2).

Chaucer was not born into the high society. He was in the middle class until he married Richard II's sister, Phillipa Roet. At...

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