Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality In today's society people are more and more trying to achieve more, higher positions on the work place, to double income, to enroll to the schools. It's all about competition in today's society, all about better living standards with new technologies, new treats for diseases, yet we still have such issue as gender inequality. I'm with my group students examined this issue and tried to find out what people have done and do now in order to blow this assumption away.

Many analysts of gender attribute gender differences to the fact that girls and boys are raised differently and thus develop different personalities. Either they are consciously taught different things or they have different early childhood experiences (for example, the girl's experience of similarity and connection to her nurturing mother, as emphasized by psychoanalytic theories). Theories of socialization and personality development are not enough to account for gender differences.

For one thing, they underestimate how much behavior can vary over time and in different situations.

Gender is a taken-for-granted social structure that organizes all areas of social life. This book develops a theory to account for both the continuity of that structure and the efforts of feminists to change it. The book focuses on the heterosexual family, where "doing gender" is especially accepted, but it challenges personality theories of gender by examining how unusual family situations lead people to change their behavior.

The book's thesis is that "gender structure on the interaction level bears heavy responsibility for continuing gender inequality in American family life" (p. 185).

Gender Inequality Gender structure is inherently unequal because it ascribes social positions on the basis of sex and thereby violates meritocratic principles. Gender structure can account for the persistence of gender polarization even in societies with considerable institutional equality, such as Sweden.

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