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Game Day October 3, 2001 It was a brisk and breezy Saturday morning. I just came downstairs and left the dogs outside to go to the bathroom before I fed them their breakfast. My wife was upstairs in the shower and preparing herself to go to work. Our daughter, Taylor, was still up in bed sleeping and I was busy reading the morning papers and thinking about our soccer game that was only a few hours away.

After I read the papers and my wife left for work, I began to prepare my game plan for the soccer game. I worked on the offense and defense, placing children in their appropriate areas. I placed them by their strengths and weaknesses in areas I felt they would play best in and excel at their skills. Being the coach is never easy but it certainly brings a lot of good times.

I no sooner finished my game plan as I heard the sounds of feet galloping down the stairs. My daughter, Taylor, had just awakened and wanted breakfast. She decided on having a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal, milk, toast and juice. I prepared breakfast for her while she sat in the living room watching cartoons on the television. Upon the completion of breakfast, it was time for Taylor to get dressed and prepare for a soccer game. While driving to the soccer field, she and I use the time to talk and discuss soccer. I use this time to encourage, support, motivate, and ease her mind on the game. Within a few minutes I go from being her father to being her coach at soccer also.

Soon, the children start arriving one by one for a 10:00am soccer game. They seem to still be sleeping, while walking around. With the...

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