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On Monday September 17, a meeting was held in Mrs. Bailey's room for the young adults who are thinking deeper in the future than most our age. This meeting is called FBLA, that stands for Future Business Leaders Of America. This group was organised to introduce to young adults exactly what their future can be like if they get involved at a young age. In FBLA, you get a chance to go to many businessed and sit in and watch what they do for a living, also FBLA gives High School students a chance to earn scholorships and get prepared for college, and many business opertunities to come. The meeting was a success, many people came. The group talked, everyone introduced themselves, and the was plenty of Pizza and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

FBLA meets every other Monday in Mrs. Bailey's room. They work as a team to organise events, such as: Dining out, fund raisers, and field trips.

The FBLA team takes it's first outing of the year on Tuesday September 25. OThese events are both educational and fun, and will eventually help you in the future to make career decisions and college decisions as well.

The presdent of FBLA is Craig Henry. He said, "My main reason for joining FBLA was, to see other countries, cmpete against other babses in competition, meet good friends, and all the while enjoying yourself and learning business skills." he followed by saying, "The knowledge you gain, is probable your best benefit. Because no matter what, you can apply to any job you wan, no matter what you want to do." Craig said. "I've gotten as far as presedent of FBLA because, I show initiation, leadership, and fulfill all obligations necessary. I also do my best to understand where people's ideas are coming from, so that we can find reolutions that fir everyones needs." FBLA is a very good opertunity to see what you can make of your future, and also to think about what you want to do in the future. It is never to early to think about what and who you're going to become as an adult. You are responsable for the outcome of the process.

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