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The people will decide the future of the US. People have an impact on the US, such as right now in the US with the Anthrax scares, and the Attack on America. The people will change the future, hopefully for the better. The US has always been a place of freedom and choice, but the US has to come to reason with its self and change for the better.

The people of America are free to do as they choose, the President has the power over the US. During this time in American history he has to make the right decisions and when he does it will have a huge impact on the US. The US will change with the power of the Federal Government. The Government has the power to wage war, levy taxes and make laws; throughout this the US should make more concise laws. Another big factor in the future of the US would have to be education; Education is a huge factor.

The world revolves around the knowledge obtained from education. The future of the US will be commended by the knowledge of people. The US as of know is lacking social standards and communications. The Internet has made a huge impact on the world, especially the US. Technology will be a huge impact on the Future of the US, with new modern commodores, such as computers, Internet, Electronic Devises, Video Game Platforms (ect.) The technology will even advance in the next ten to twenty years electrifying the future with so many ways to communicate. Since the terrorist attacks on Sep 11 have brought the attention to everyone the US will has and will improve security on Airports, airplanes, schools and major vacation spots around the US. The Future of the US will mainly be mended and adjusted by People and their knowledge and technical knowledge. The Future of the US will Advance and become definite for all. Though the Future is not reveled we all should prepare for it.

In closing all I have to say is that the US's future will be determined by the knowledge of the Government and the President. By the people and the education advancements in the world.

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