The French Revolution

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The French Revolution The French Revolution was an attempt to take away the absolute power from the king and wealthy landowners. The goal was to create a republic. They did this using several powerful political acts. This revolution was caused mainly because of heavy taxing, and Louis XVI nearly spent all of the government money on the war against England.

The first event that really started the revolution was the "Oath of the Tennis Court". The third estate was standing outside of the meeting hall and King Louis XVI canceled the meeting. It soon after began to rain and the members of the Third Estate went to an indoor tennis court. There, a great leader named Bailly called for an oath not to leave Versailles until they agreed upon a constitution. There were 577 members present and all except for one took the oath. There were many other events that followed.

One of the largest impacts the Third Estate made during the French Revolution was the "Storming of the Bastille". The Bastille was a famous French prison/fortress where Louis XVI held prisoners and stolen items. Louis XVI had many unjustly kept prisoners and stolen gunpowder. On July 14, 1789 a mob of more than 300 men broke in and freed many prisoners. Many of the guards were killed and were dragged through the streets of Paris.

Louis XVI was executed on January 21, 1793 for crimes of conspiring against the nation. The death of Louis XVI marked a time of victory for France. Soon after his death France became a republic. Louis XVI last words were "I die innocent. I pardon my enemies and I hope that my blood will be useful to the French, than it will appease God's anger"¦" After the beheading, many citizens soaked their...

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