Freedom Of Religion

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Freedom is a key virtue sought out by every individual, from religious freedom, freedom from slavery, and constitutional rights. People of certain religions did not want to be told what they could or could not believe. The struggle for freedom of religion played a major role in the American colonies. Religious freedom also played a major role in the state government.

Portugal, a small country populated mostly by poor peasants, consisted only 2 percent of the Christian population in Europe. Portugal cooperated with Spain to expel Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula. The victory in 1495 allowed price Henry, who supported crusades against Muslims, encouraged fresh sources of trade, and push explorers to go even further with their voyages. Portuguese learned to ride the current far from the coast allowing them to reach Cape Verde by 1444. in 1488 Bartholomew dias continued to explore new trade routes to India and china.

By the early 16th century Portuguese controlled the commercial empire in India, Indonesia, and china. Within the Portuguese century of exploration they broke the monopoly of Mediterranean trade. New ideas for exploration west needed someone that believed experts were wrong about the world being flat. Christopher Columbus started this voyage and 6 weeks later he landed on what is now known as the Caribbean islands in 1492. Columbus, confused about not finding the lands expected by sailing east, brought back 7 tainos with him. Immediately Ferdinand and his sons became the Taino godfathers and baptized them as Christians. In may 1943 Alexander the 6th granted Spain all lands west. Portuguese felt violation of there rights and negotiated the treaty of tordesillas with Spain, shifting an imaginary line eleven hundred miles west of the canary islands, giving land west of this line to Spain and land east to Portugal. People left...

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