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Is He Moral? When deciding whether or not a person is moral, a definition of moral needs to be established. I define moral as doing what is right, but taking responsibility for doing something that is wrong. In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, Frankenstein is not a moral man. He chose to do the wrong thing on many occasions, when he knew that it was wrong. He let himself be God and created life, and then abandoned his creation. Frankenstein also allowed Justine to be killed for a crime that she did not commit. But the worst of all was not telling anyone about the monstrous creature that he had created.

Victor Frankenstein's love of all loves was science. He read numerous books about science and this triggered something inside of him to create his own creature. Frankenstein worked on his creature for years, and when it was finally completed, he was revolted by his creation.

Frankenstein fled his room, and knowingly left the creature in there by himself. Frankenstein knew this was wrong, but he still did it. Even though he had good reasons for being afraid, there were other alternatives to leaving the creature by itself. This led to the creature reacting as a neglected wild animal, because he was not cared for. This was evidence of Victor not being a moral man by he running away from his responsibilities, when he knew that was not the right thing to do.

As a result of to Victor's lack of responsibility, the creature was outraged and wanted to make Frankenstein suffer because he left him alone. This led him to kill Frankenstein's brother William. He choked William to death, and then stole the picture from William and placed it in Justine's coat pocket. The authorities convicted Justine and put...

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