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In Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein many themes are represented. Each character throughout the novel seeks a longing for affection and acceptance from society.

Mary Shelley uses the theme loneliness as her main theme.

Robert Walton, the main character, is in a quest for self glory and recognition by society. Robert's dream is to find a passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through a ship and his crew. His ambition for adventure and discovery becomes a danger to him and his crew. Walton becomes very lonely and writes letter's to his sister. Walton assumes that his sister is anxiously waiting for his return and can not survive without him. Just when Walton needs a friend and someone to talk to Victor Frankenstein comes aboard his ship. Walton will go to great lengths to find his meaning in life and become famous.

Mary Shelley introduces Victor Frankenstein in the novel showing the relationship between Walton and his character.

Victor comes aboard Robert's ship and becomes the narrator telling Robert of his tales. Victor was a man who was also interested in the discovery of something immense. His point of interest was in the field of scientific discovery, and the search for a human without imperfections. He wanted to create a life with out natural birth. Frankenstein became very involved in his work ethics. His thoughts were consumed only about his accomplishments. So much that he neglected his family and went into isolation for a extensive amount of time. Frankenstein became lonely without his family and convinced himself that maybe his creation would be a new found friend. Finally Frankenstein was a success and created such a "creature". But his discovery did not give him the fulfillment he expected. His discovery became a disaster! The creature was conceived as a consequence of Frankenstein's eagerness of discovery. The monster spent his time trying to find his place in the world were he could be loved. Society did not accept the creature and looked at him as an outcast. His main focus in life was based around learning and obtaining knowledge to survive. The creature wanted to be like everyone else and live with a family that he could love. He obtained much of his knowledge through the discovery of the De Lacey family and their routine in life. The creature was very emotional and very eager to learn about the meaning of life and his existence. He goes throughout life not knowing where he came from or where he belongs. His mind wonders why he does not have a family like the rest of society. This becomes a yearning inside of him, to be loved and have affection. He spends his whole life searching for meaning of his life.

The De Lacey's family connection with the novel I believe is the exact opposite of what Mary Shelly wanted to portray in her novel. The family was not of scientific knowledge and discovery but of love and emotions. The family was not about being prestigious in the world but of having enough dignity to be a family. Mr. De Lacey was a blind man who had been robbed of his fortune.

While Felix, his son, devoted himself for the love of his family and taking care of his father. Agatha, was very helpful in helping her brother and father and she still maintained class even though she was poor.

Mary Shelley represents loneliness in each of the characters.

Throughout the novel each character develops and learns more about who they are as a individual. Each character goes through many trials and tribulations that change their lives forever. The search to find happiness in life is what each character desired.

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