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Forensic Report With the pronounced supraorbital ridges, retreating forehead, and blunt superior border-orbit, the morphology of the skull shows many male characteristics. The inominate reiterates the sex being male with triangular pubes, acute sub pubic angles, and the narrow greater sciatic notch. I believe the individual is of East Asian ancestry because of the shoveled incisor, projecting zygomatic bone, and medium facial shape. Because there is still slight ridge development on the pubic symphisis I believe it is in phase two of development putting the individuals age between 19-34. The third molars are erupted which hints the person to be past his mid teens.

Because of a large depression fracture on the right parietal surrounded by spiral and radial fractures extending across most of the right surface of the cranium, I believe cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the right temple region.

The lesions in the frontal and the destruction of the nasal aperture and portions of the palate did not occur at time of death and are probably post mortem trauma.

Both of the tibiae show dense new bone growth and series of small holes, possibly from healing of previous fractures that have healed. It is possible that the small holes are cloaca or fistula through which puss drained from a possible osteomyelitis infection.

As far as the clothes, a possible reason is if this was a male prostitute and a customer unaware of this soon discovered his secret, angered he gave the victim a blow to the head fracturing his skull and leaving the body to decompose? They might be unrelated as well.

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