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This class has really made me become more aware of my body and my breathing. This class has taught me how to breathe the right way and it helps relax me and be more in contact with the inner me. I like this class very much and I am gaining a lot of new exercise out of this class that I can do on my own to help me stay relaxed. I feel that I will learn more information out of the class in the weeks to come and I feel it is very beneficial to me and can help me in my dancing.

Through this class I have learned to have better posture and how to work at it. Before this class I would always stand with my shoulders leaning forward and a little hump in my back and already through this class I am learning how to straighten my back and walk with my shoulders open.

I feel that this has made me feel better and my back doesn't hurt as much as it use to. I also think this class has helped me correct the way that my feet roll in and in this class we have worked to make them right by lifting in our arches. I always use to walk with my feet turned out and I was told that it is bad for us so since the first day of the class I have worked on walking right and not turning out. This class has taught me how to become more aware of my posture and I think it has helped me in my dancing.

The breathing that we do in this class has been very nice and it's a good way of relieving a lot of stress. We do many...

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