First English Settlements

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First English Settlements When the English conquered and settled in the Americas, they attempted to transform completely the land and the Native American cultures in it. During its first years, the Virginia Colony struggled with severe problems and nearly failed. In 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh financed the establishment on Roanoke Island. About 20 years passes before the English tried to go for the second settlement, about 60 miles of James Rives was the new village called Jamestown. The first successful colony was Plymouth Plantation. All of these colonies had similar goals, to conquer land and sometimes even to bring Native Americans into their culture and religious beliefs.

At first relation with the Indians was friendly, the aborigines planted crops and make fish traps for the Englishmen. They worked together to get food, and sometimes even to explore the land surrounding them. Colonists even learned how to smoke tobacco from an Indian pipe taught from a Native American.

Englishmen never tried to bring Native American into their religion, and even if they did try they were not successful. It was pretty easy for them to get started because they had the help from the Indians and if the Indians denied them help they would practically force them so it was easy, but the trouble came when they tried to keep it going, they failed. It was a total disaster for reasons not known; also its settlers vanished completely.

Jamestown was named in honor of King James I, it was established in 1607 in a mosquito-infested swamp 60 miles from the mouth of the James River. The 104 adventurers who started the colony were shareholders in the Virginia Company. It was an advantage to be involved in the joint-stock companies because it was easier to afford the voyage being financed by companies...

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