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FireFiremen have been battling fire for an extremely long time. It is the most dangerous occupation in the world. It's one of the most feared if not the most feared element in the world. It's also the hardest thing to predict and control. The book Fahrenheit 451 is a book where firemen seek out books, which are outlawed, and then set them a blaze. Fire is a major symbol that is used through out the book. Fire can represent many things, for example it can show the evil side of things. Or it can represent starting over, regeneration. It can give warmth and protection. Fire can show so many things, it just depends how you look at it.

"The fire was gone, then back again, like a winking eye." (Bradbury pg.145) To me the quote states that fire is unpredictable, it could be out but then start up as quick as the blink of an eye.

It just shows how unpredictable fire is. It can never be totally controlled no matter what. It can cause destruction yet give life at the same time. Fire is very interesting to me because it is so simple yet it can do so many things with great power and authority. Fire is both the devil and god at the same time. It destroys life and then recreates a better place to grow, to live.

"They are so confident that they will run on forever. But they don't know that this is all one huge big blazing meteor that makes a pretty ire in space, but that someday it'll have to hit. They only see the blaze, the pretty fire, as you saw it." (Bradbury pg.103) This is a very strong quote that makes me think, and Bradbury is right, that pretty burring...

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