Feminism And Anti-feminism

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Feminism and Anti-Feminism The author of the essay this paper is from is James Kalb. His essay is passionate about the feminist movement and fears what they could do to our country. Kalb's author jumps around, covering many topics but relating them in the end in a powerful conclusion and prediction. There are basically two subjects; things related to feminism, its definition the history and roots of gender.

To understand where the argument against feminism comes from, a person must realize the influence and social development they are receiving from living a semi-traditional lifestyle. Gender is the system of attitudes, expectations, and customs that distinguishes men from women. This system has always been basic to human life. All over the world there are gender influenced ways of life. Many countries even have their language based around masculine and feminine terms. "Feminism treats a fundamental and apparently necessary principle of all human societies, sex-role differentiation, as an oppressive arrangement that must be abolished (freespeech)."

"All societies have been patriarchal; with men mainly responsible for public concerns and women for domestic matters and taking care of small children. Always and everywhere men, while expressing no general right of domination, have predominated in positions of formal authority. A system as complex and subtle as human life cannot be reconfigured in fundamental ways merely at will"(freespeech). Feminists are fighting in vein and blind with ambition.

The definition of feminism is so broad that it means very little. The aspirations of feminism are not hard to see however. Its aim is to create a new kind of human being, in a new form of society where the ties among women, men and children are reconstructed in accordance with feminist abstract theological ideas and beliefs.

Feminism does not care about reason or even about experiencing...

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