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On examining the relationship between social movements and social change, feminism, often used to refer to the women's movement which began in the late 18th century and continues to campaign for complete political, social and economic equality between men and women, will reflect an extensive concentration of ideologies and theories which pay attention to rights of women and their position in society and culture as well as advocating social order. The importance of feminism liberation upon social policy via the role of the government and corporations within Australia will analyse the process of creating a society where women are able to participate and fulfil their potential, are unrestricted, acknowledged and respected as well as being a part of the equal distribution of socially valued resources.

Social change is a vital concept that employs a variation of formal terms that challenge existence. Alvira (1995, p.42) explains that social change through the comparison between a specific historical situation, for example the present, is defined via the ideal society according to those features, which are now considered basic, namely, progress, freedom, equality and fraternity.

A range of theoretical perspectives is contained under the umbrella term of feminist thought. These theoretical perspectives share a common grounding in that all focus on the oppression of women. They advocate social equality between the sexes in the face of social systems seen as patriarchal and sexist. They differ greatly, however, in locating the source of that oppression and the solutions offered for change. Some are individually oriented solutions; others focus primarily on societal changes. The productions of essential philosophical perspectives that feminism accommodates are due to the many different views advocated by feminists thus have branched off and created labels that represent them best in their beliefs surrounding feminism. Rosemarie Tong (1989) elaborates upon six types of...

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