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Douglass expertly writes about his life as being a slave. The reason of why he does that is because he wants to describe the life someone lives as being a slave. However, this was a big disadvantage for him, he knew how to survive in that world of slavery, and at the same time he learned a lot of positive things. There were many events that changed his life, such as the acceptance of recognizing the mediocre life someone live, the strong enthusiasm of learning how to read and write, and the point of challenge people with his strength of changing a life he wants to abolish.

First of all, in Frederick Douglass' writings I learned that his braveness of fighting for his rights, his physical struggles, and his writing as resistance are nearly parallel. For example, Douglass knows exactly that the life he is having is a life that no one deserves.

He demonstrates it by expressing that it is so mediocre, so inhuman that makes him fight for the abolition of slavery. He describes that someone that is a slave is someone that had not rights for anything, neither for deciding the food to eat, the way to sleep, the hours to work, etc.

Secondly, another way to express his braveness, Douglass challenges everybody and decided to learn how to read and write. When Douglass is living in Baltimore with the Auld family, Mrs. Auld began to teach him the alphabet. After Mr. Auld discovered this, the teaching ceased, and Douglass was carefully watched to be sure that he was not reading when alone. Despite this, Douglass was insistent upon learning to read because he knew that his literacy would lead to his freedom. His means of resistance through writing was going against...

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