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Anecdotes of Louis Anecdotes 1 Date: 13-8-01 Time: 9.30am Setting: Outside on the veranda Observation: Louis reached out with his right hand and grabbed the container full of coloured spots, he then proceeds to pick up a few spots with a developed right hand pincer grip and drops the spots on his fish artwork.

Interpretation: Louis has a well-developed pincer grip and "˜is now capable of picking up small objects' (Nixon and Gould, 1999) such as the coloured spots. Louis is also showing through this artwork that he is in the "˜stage of exploration' (Miller, 1985).

* Art example 1 Anecdotes 2 Date: 20-8-01 Time: 9.25am Setting: Lounge Room Observation: Louis steps into the dinosaur container with both feet, Louis proceeds to place all the miniature rubber dinosaurs in the container using his developed right hand pincer grip. Once the box is full to the brim with rubber dinosaurs Louis over balances and falls backwards on to the mat.

Interpretation: Louis has been able to show that he is capable of picking up small objects, as he has a well developed right hand pincer grip. Louis falling backwards is typical of toddlers as they are learning about how to have more control over their body and its limbs.

Anecdotes 3 Date: 20-8-01 Time: 9.40am Setting: Lounge Room Observation: Louis is sitting by himself in the middle of the mat playing with a brightly coloured puzzle. Louis picks up the red square, looks at it for a few seconds and places it back in the exact place he got from. Louis then moves on to pick up the blue triangle, again Louis looks at it for a few seconds and tries to place it in the circle section of the puzzle. After a few seconds of trying to place the triangle...

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