Fahrenheit 451

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The Enigmatic Combination of Themes in Fahrenheit 451 Blending the different branches of one single element is capable of producing an extraordinary magnum opus such as the novelFahrenheit 451. Throughout the many chapters of the novelFahrenheit 451, one can find diverse and significant numbers of themes and purposes that jointly compose the entire novel itself. The main underlying themes of this book are briefly stated as the following problems: the idée fixe that people are beginning to acquire with the recent inclines in technological knowledge, the impact of censorship on the society as a whole, and the positive and negative aspects of learning through the eyes of the individual being taught as well as through the perspective of the government.

First of all, the obsession that the population is having as a result of increased strengths in technology is an extremely important theme to consider. The people in the novel are extremely infatuated with the material objects around them and also those that are yet to be developed.

The population of the area is not interested in other ideas such as the thoughts and words of writers nor of sentimental feelings such as love and romance. They are only interested in what they can do with the things around them. Specifically, Mildred is guilty of this offense. She was not in love nor did she truly appreciate the words and teachings of the authors. She was only interested in the television that she and Montag owned. Whenever the television was on, which was literally all the time, Mildred was not interested in anything but it. She did not pay Montag or anyone else any attention. She simply watched and sometimes interacted with the television, such as the game show that she programmed to say her name in. Even when she invited her friends over for socializing, Mildred would seat them in the parlor"”the room with the three television screens on three of the walls. These facts all join to form evidence that Mildred is a woman who is obsessed with technology"”although it is usually thought by the reader and some of the characters that the technology may soon override the human species as a whole.

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