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Pets can be Friendly too Companionship, responsibility, happiness, and love are some of the results that come from a meaningful relationship. However, one can receive these rewards and many more from a different non-human source. Companion animals, namely cats and dogs, provide wonderful benefits that enhance many aspects of life. Ever since I was born, my family has shared the joys and responsibilities of owning a cat and/or a dog. So, naturally I have an intense love and appreciation for these domesticated animals. One of the ways my parents have taught me to be responsible is through the care taking of a family pet. I remember begging my dad for a dog, and his response being something like: I don't know, having a dog is a lot of work, you have to feed, walk, and water it everyday. Will you bathe and groom it when necessary? Of course I responded as convincingly as possible to the bombardment of questions, and eventually my dad broke down and bought a dog.

Owning a pet is an excellent way to learn the responsibilities of maintaining another living organism because it won't simply disappear if I don't feel like walking or feeding it. The stench will persist until I bathe it and the occasional pile of vomit won't clean itself up. I must admit that my mom has cleaned more than her fair share of the occasional, yet all too frequent, "accident", and she has often found herself stuck with other "pet duties." Nevertheless, I have truly learned what it means to own a pet, and I got a taste of what parenthood will be like. I also gained the knowledge of how to take good care of my dog, the trust of my parents, and the love of a life long companion.

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