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Parent-Child Attachment Background: I work at a daycare. In my classroom I have 6 one-year old children. All of these children come from middle class families. The focus of this observation is on a boy who we will call Bill. The child's parents are not divorced. He has been at the daycare for longer then six months.

Summary of Events: Bill's mother will drop him off in the morning and he always cries and clings to her when she tries to put him down. He usually cries for about 2 minutes and then goes and plays with the rest of the kids. When his mother comes to pick him up, he rushes to the door and clings to her. I had taken my class out to the playground and Bill was sitting on the ground with another child. He was very content and focused on what he was doing. Then, his mother walked outside and Bill ran up to hug her.

She put Bill down and informed me that she was going to talk to the finance lady about a problem with the billing, and then come back to get Bill. After she left, Bill started crying and screaming. I tried to get him to go back and play his game with the other child, but he just kept screaming "Momma"� and pointing to the door. He cried until she came back outside and then he refused to let go of her. He was clinging to her arm so tight that it was turning red. He wouldn't even let her put him down so he could walk to the car like a "big boy"�. One day, I had brought in a small lizard that I had caught in the yard and placed in a glass jar. At first, Bill was...

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