Everyones A Phony

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Everyones a Phony I wasn't sure what I should write about, but I think I will write about how phony some people are. In the book, Catcher in the Rye, Holden (who is the main character) talked about how phony a lot of people were. In someways I think I can relate to what he was saying. Everywhere I go I see advertisments of these phony actors who are trying to sell some hemroid medicine. It makes me sick! I also hate it when they start to talk about how their butts hurt during meetings! I bet they never tried that medicine! I also hear a lot of bull sh*@ from those pop bands. They are really super phony. Especially that Britney Spears. She is the perfect example of a phony. First she acts all innocent and all that crap and a year later she gets more and more stripped down.

Then she says that she wants to set a good example for little girls. Another good phony (well this is just my opinion) is President Bush. He doesn't seem to have a clue and he is always slacking off and going on vacation! Whats up with that?! He hasn't lifted a finger since he became president! Instead of helping us during our power crisis and doing all that stuff his campaign promised, he is out there Learning how to read with some little kids. It kills me, it really does. Now that I think about it almost all politicans are phony! They are the phoniest people in the world! Another phony is that Phillip Morris! That guy acts like he is against underage smoking and he is always talking about how cigaretts are safe and all that BULL! He really makes me sick! Then he makes these super cheesy...

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