Evaluation Of Leadership In Somalia: MSG Gordon And SFC Shughart

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Evaluation of Leadership in Somalia: MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart Somalia, 02 October through 04 October, 1993, proved to be a tragic day for the lives of many brave U.S. soldiers and their families. These men, in addition to sixteen other U.S. soldiers gave their lives to help uphold democracy in the world. These men, MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart exemplified the four Army values: courage, candor, competence, and commitment. Upon examination of the four Army values and the actions of these men, it is clear these were moral men who made effective decisions and promoted unity and trust in their unit.

Values are what people hold as moral standards; things they abide by in making decisions and in every day life. The four Army values are courage, candor, competence, and commitment. Courage, as described by FM 22-100, Military Leadership, is defined as that of moral character. When challenged by others, a person should do what they believe is morally correct.

They should stand by their values. A person should not look for what is easiest, but what is right. Candor is the ability for someone to be open with their ideas so long as it is not disrespectful to those around them or to those in charge of them. This allows the unit to communicate clearly, without confusion. Competency is the possession of skills by an individual that allows them to understand their respective position. This enables the person to comprehend orders and follow through with their mission. Commitment, the fourth of the Army values, is believing and supporting the cause of the Army, and the beliefs of the country. By combining these four Army values, a unit can produce more efficient results.

Blackhawk Down and Mogadishu: Heroism and Tragedy are two books that explain the battle that took...

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