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Journal #1- Sept. 20 The Coat of Arms was an exercise that expressed our thoughts that are not apparent from the outside. This gave us some background on all the students in our class and will make us realize why they feel the way they do about certain subjects. We will be discussing many controversial topics in the next ten weeks so we will need to be able to talk about them in a professional manner. This exercise was very helpful in doing this.

Journal #2- Sept. 24 I believe caring, trust, and teamwork are the most important factors in building a successful community. Caring starts from the family life. If you have a family who cares for you, one will also learn why this is so important. When you realize someone cares for you, you feel like you are a million dollars. There is nothing better. If everyone in your community cares for others, then everyone is feeling great.

This is just the beginning.

Trust is the next step after realizing you are cared for. I had a friend in high school that no one ever trusted. We never told him that, but I think he figured it out. He only did things for himself, he thought of no one else's feeling. When you have people like this, your community is doomed. One can take trust as far as relating it to the recent terrorist attack. The US trusted that no lunatic would take over a plane and crash it into national monuments. As you can see, without trust, everything will be doomed, not just our community.

Working as team is much better than being an individual. As my soccer coach once told me, "There is no I in team." If you think about this, it is true in...

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