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Non-concrete paper 10/3/01 Entrepreneur The world looks upon entrepreneurs as major risk takers. Even in the Merrian-Websters Collegiate Dictionary, it states that an entrepreneur is "one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise". Entrepreneurs help make the world go round, for the reason that they are always creating new products to make money. When an entrepreneur sets out to start a company, he needs workers to help him along the way and these workers are put on a payroll and taken out of unemployment which can also help the economy. Entrepreneurs also are involved in how good the quality of your food is, due to the fact that they are always competing to have a better product than the other entrepreneurs. There are also some downsides to entrepreneurs just like any thing else in this world. If the world did not have entrepreneurs we would most likely be left in the Stone Age.

First of all, the soul purpose of an entrepreneur is to create new products to make money toward improving his or her livelihoods, in addition to the livelihoods of others. Inventing and developing faster, more convenient, and energy efficient products people have more free time to accomplish more deeds in one day. Also, more efficient products will save consumers money which they can spend to purchase even more products. This helps the economy grow and overall make our nations' way of life better; furthermore make the entire world better place.

Second of all, believe it or not, entrepreneurs have a strong discretion on how good your food tastes. There are many different names of restaurants you can eat at such as McDonalds, Wendy's, and Burger King. These are all very similar, but they are always trying to find new...

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