Emotional Rape

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I got this article from the Internet. The article is on emotional rape syndrome.

Emotional rape is like physical rape, definition it is the use of someone's body without consent. Emotional rape is the use of someone's higher emotions like love, without consent. However, emotional rape can be what the other partner or loved one doesn't say. It can have a devastating effect on a person. There are different obstacles that are encountered from emotional rape. The first is like a stage of denial where something bad has happened but doesn't know why. Another is trust, some victims feel they may never trust again.

The first thing I would like to address is the depression. Their are many reasons for a deep depression due to emotional rape. One depression issue would be trust and not being able to trust can be due to the sociocultural approach, by growing up with this it can have a devastating effect on someone and then not being able to relate to society can make the victim even more depressed.

Example being a couple walking down the street holding hands showing affection for one another and then the victim thinks this can never happen to them and wonder why. Also related to the trust issue would be the humanistic approach by the victim not being able to be themselves by others because they are always in a pschyological defense mode by not letting anyone help with problem or issue at hand.

Pshycodynamic is also related to the trust issue by them always unconsciously going into a defensive mode if the rape was severe. The behavioral approach is also related because they can learn not to trust or love someone. The cognitive approach may also be related by the victim not wanting to learn the value of trust and love because of their recent emotional breakdown from the rape. Example would be someone not wanting to start a relationship ever again because of the great deal of pain they went through. I believe this can happen to many people it just depends on the enviorment they have grown up in. All these approaches I feel relate to emotional rape.

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