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Elizabeth Blackwell was a well educated women who dreamed of becoming the first women doctor in America, and fulfilled her dream. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree in America.

Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3 ,1821. She was born in Bristol, England .

She was one of nine children. Elizabeth's father, Samual Blackwell who imigrinted to New York in 1832 when Elizabeth was 11.

Back then women were treated differently then men. Women were given little education and were not able to hold important posistions. Women were not aloud to be Doctors, lawyers, or bankers. If they had a job at all, all the money they made went to the man of the house.

Many pregnant women lost their babies because their were few doctors around. This happened to Elizabeth's mother. Almost every time her mom gave birth she would loose the child. This made Elizabeth very up set, which made her motavation to become a doctor very high.

The Blackwell family owned a sugar company for a long time. The company was a great success and brought in a lot of money for a long time.

Then the company went down hill and was costing them more money then they were making. The family was forced to move to America. Where Elizabeth could get a better education.

In 1838 when Elizabeth was 17 her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, Shortly after moving to Ohio her father died. From there the three oldest girls supported the family for several years. The three girls operated a boarding school for young women.

In 1844 when she was 23 was when Elizabeth realized she was determined to be a doctor. There were no schools that would except her, so she studied privately in the south and in Philadelphia.

In 1849 she was 28 she was announced graduate at the head of the class. From there she figured Paris was her best bet for a medical inter. Dr. Blackwell journied there to undertake advanced studies. Paris doctors proved as intolerate as their American collages, they would not permit her to study as a doctor. Elizabeth was forced to enter a large miternity hospital as a student midwife. There she caught an infection which caused her to loose sight in her eye.

On her return to New York in 1850 when she was 29. Dr. Blackwell was not permited to practice in any hospital. Dr. Blackwell for her own and other womens' rights. The right she fought for the most was for women to be able to learn and practice medicine.

Elizabeth started the New York infirmary for women and children, aided by her sister Emily and other women who became doctors by several tolorant Quakers.

With her sister they opened a medical collage for woman in the hospital Dr. Blackwell wrote and lectured. She spoke a series of lectures that she delivered in England in 1859 when she was 38. Her lectures and books dealt largely with social hyigene and with pereventive medicine. After the civil war was over she settled in England.

Elizabeth Blackwell died at the age of 89. She died at her home in Hastings, England.

On May 31, 1910.

Elizabeth Blackwell was a contribution to society, she set her goals and strived to fulfill them. She fought for the rights that she believed in. Elizabeth Blackwell helped and taught women who were trying to learn and practice medicine.

Elizabeth Blackwell was a great woman to America. She loved what she learned and loved what she became. Elizabeth Blackwell is great woman and a wonderful roll model for people all over the world!

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