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"Jena! Phone!!" Riley screamed. You would think that if you live in an apartment you wouldn't have to scream, but Riley does.

"Got it. Hello." "Hey, Jena! This is Karen!" "Oh my gwad! How's it been? Why haven't you called in a long time? I was waiting for your call like forever!" I said happily. She was one of my best friends next to Riley.

"I was so busy. I'm so sorry. I was meaning to call you yesterday until Howie made a surprise reservation at a fancy restaurant. And guess what happened!?!?!" "I don't know, what?" I asked, wanting to know more.

"He purpose to me!!! Jena, he asked me to marry him!!! Can ya believe it?!?!" "OH MY GWAD!!!!!" I screamed so loud that Riley ran into my room.

"What happened?!" He asked "Karen's getting married!!!" I said, now jumping up and down. Riley yanked the phone from me and started to talk to her.

Soon Karen had to go.

"So, what she say?" I said, following him to the kitchen.

"The engagement party is in one week and she wants both of us to come." "Is your little girl friend coming?" I gave a disgusted look on my face. He just gave me a look. I didn't like his girl friend that much because she doesn't trust me around him. It took Riley awhile to tell his girl that he lives with me. His past girl friends, I got a long with. He only went out with 3 people his whole life. I only went out with 1 person, Kevin Zeggers. I have three best friends: Riley Smith, Kevin Zeggers, and Karen Lynn. Out of three of us, I'm the only Indian while they're all American.

"Um"¦the thing is that"¦we broke up. She didn't trust you living with me and she keeps nagging me to live somewhere else so we broke up." He said, pouring us a glass of water.

"Good." I grabbed my water and went into my bedroom and turned on the radio and went to sleep.

*The Next Day* "Hey, Riley Is Kevin coming?" I asked after taking a shower.

"Yea, he called yesterday when you went to sleep." After Kevin and I broke up it was a little hard at first but we became so much better friends than before. We went out for 4 years, but we broke because it seemed as if we were growing apart so that's when we ended things. "I have to go get our plane tickets if we wanna leave early, okay?" "Okay." He grabbed his keys and left. I was changing into my sweat pants and a tank top and went into the small room where the television was. I was almost dozing off, but the doorbell rung.

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