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Subj: 1015991794 Notification of Winning PGS Grading Auction Date: 10/16/2001 1:04:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: auctions@pgsgrading.com To: jdbry1@cs.com Congratulations on winning the items listed below! 1 1015991794 MICHAEL VICK 01 PROS PROSPECTS JERSEY PGS 8 * For total cost and payment info, please help us expedite your order by following this link: http://www.auctionhelper.com/taf/ei.taf?pass=389767&login=jdbry1@cs.com Or manually go to: Web Site: http://www.auctionhelper.com Your ID: jdbry1@cs.com Your Access Code: 389767 ======================================= Please view our current items on eBay by clicking this link: http://www.auctionhelper.com/taf/upage.taf?u=auctions@pgsgrading.com Thank you for successfully bidding on the PGS Grading ebay auction item referenced above.

***** BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS AND AUCTION ITEM NUMBER(S) WITH ALL PAYMENTS (PAYPAL USE NOTE AREA).! ***** If you do not include shipping address and all item numbers there will be delays in recieving your cards of as much as 2-3 weeks!!! Shipping/Handling: NO EXCEPTIONS to the specified shipping/handling charges. NO SASE! The postage and custom box mailer are a relatively minor part of these costs.

The handling costs include the listing fees, time spent to list the item, time spent on emails, pulling the item, packaging the item, and shipping them out. Our terms are listed in the item description so that there is no confusion for the winning bidder.

SHIPPING/HANDLING DISCOUNT FOR MULTIPLE AUCTION ITEMS WON: If you have won multiple auction items from PGSGrading and are sending payment for all at one time: Calculate the shipping/handling by taking the highest shipping/handling charge shown on any one of your invoices, then adding $2.00 for each additional item to cover the handling.

Please visit our website at http://www.pgsgrading.com for more information about grading and Auction Services.

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