The Earthworm

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The Earthworm How the Invertebrate moves and gets its food.

The earthworm moves by curiously moving its body to where its senses tells it to go. It moves by slithering mysteriously, like a snake. It holds to the surface by means of bristles under muscular control. The worm travels to hotter or colder places depending on what its senses tells it. Some worms live underwater and stay in this environment. The worm gets food by opening its tiny mouth wide enough to eat a leaf whole. The worm does not contain any teeth. The earthworm swallows soil and digests out the organic matter before discharging the inert particles as castings.

How the Invertebrate reacts to the changes in the environment and how we know it is an invertebrate.

The earthworms lack eyes and appendages, but are sensitive over their entire body surface. The earthworms senses take them to the location they are suited for, for that season.

In the winter they burrow beneath the frost line. The earthworm has no backbone or appendages. If you feel the worm you will not feel any bones on the inside as it has no backbone, thus putting it amongst that of the invertebrate.

To which group the animal belongs to and how you know.

The earthworm is part of the worm group because it contains all of the qualities of the worm group such as: 1. It has no backbone or appendages.

2. It lives in the soil.

3. It has a long, thin, soft body.

4. It is a creeping, crawling, animal.

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