Drug Abuse And Its Causes

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Teenage Drug Dependency And Abuse Almost all of us know about drug abusing and its negative effects .It has become a global issue. We read articles and reports about teenagers losing their very life due to intake of drugs.Hard core drug dealers are being jailed for selling their products.Families are breaking up just because one of its members is doing drugs.We know that doing drugs is not only illegal,it's also fatal.Then why do so many people still find drugs so attractive? Why do teenagers resort to doing drugs even though they know its ill effects? Researchers have yet to determine the cause but have developed a number of theories. Drug abuse is a complex phenomenon,which has various Easy availability is one of the contributory factors to the problem of drug abusing. In all major cities ,heroin and other drugs are freely available at almost every street corner.

While availability does not explain why drugs are abused, it is evident that the upsurge of heroin addicts is due to easy accessibility of drugs. Researchers state that people always has problems. Family disturbances were always there. Peer pressure was nothing new. Why wasn't there any heroine addicts a decade ago? That's because heroin was not easily available then.

Another reason why teenagers do drugs is peer pressure.

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